As my children have grown older I sometimes struggle with remembering all the little details of them growing up. As parents we reflect back and say it seems just like yesterday I was holding them in my arms, or they were just under my feet and I blinked my eyes and now they are teenagers or off to college. This is true, it really does go by very fast.

I have enjoyed and relished in every phase of children’s life. In the moment though you do not realize how the little things that you do in their life  just suddenly stop or disappear. When you bring home your newborn and every waking, breathing minute is dedicated to feedings, burping, diaper changes and mind exhausting worries of why are they crying. But than one morning you wake up and realize the sun is coming up and your precious bundle slept through the entire night. Of course after you experience sheer panic and run to make sure child is safe and sleeping soundly, a sigh of relief your baby is sleeping through the night!

With that in mind I think back to when other things just stopped one day and I barely noticed. When was the last day I walked holding his little hand to cross the street, or when was the last night that he called mommy in to read him a bed time story. What day all of a sudden was my TV not tuned into Elmo, cartoon network, or Disney movies. When was the last night my child crawled up in my lap to snuggle up with me in his zipped up PJ’s.  I can’t recall the last day mommy turned into just mom. The last lullaby sang, the last boo boo kissed, the last piggy back ride or the last butterfly kiss.

My children are well past all these stages, I adore watching them grow into young people, thoughts and ideas of their own and plans for their future.  I look forward to seeing what they will achieve in their life and continued independence. But If I had only known that each of those moments, on that day would have been the last time, the last moment, you can bet I would have snuggled a bit longer, read that bed time story over again and held his hand a little bit tighter. I would have sang the lullaby a little sweeter, kissed the boo boo a few extra times and would have said call me mommy one last time.

These are the little things that you wake up one day and don’t even realize your child doesn’t need any longer. You don’t realize because you have moved onto the next exciting stage your child is going through. So, if you are lucky enough to still have little ones, enjoy all the little things cause one day it will be the last day, just like that, in a blink of the eye.