Should You Snoop On Your Children’s Social Media Account?

In today’s world of raising children parents are presented with the added difficulty of the cell phone. Now if you are one of those parents that has refused to give into what has become the norm for this generation of watching your child have his or her eyes glued to a tiny little screen at every given free moment, well awesome. Way to stick it out.

For the vast majority of us though raising children in today’s world, its inevitable that you in fact have been hounded, begged and given a million reason under the sun from your child pleading his or her case as to why they NEED a cell phone.  And if you are reading this, they most likely have a phone or are oh so close to getting one. My children are a bit older, but both received phones sometime in middle school. I kind of have to snicker at those parents that have much younger children touting how appalled they are that parents are giving their children cell phones at this age or that age, backed up with the “I will never allow my children to have a phone at that age” All I can say to that is, never say never and you may be surprised at what you thought you would never do as a parent.

But this is not an opinion on when you should or should not give your child a phone. As far as I am concerned that is exactly that, an opinion. To each his own, and whatever works best with your family most definitely will not be what works in another family.

This article is more about the parenting issue of snooping. That’s right, parental snooping. When I was a kid, I am sure my parents snooped around. Went into my room, looked through some dresser draws, maybe my back pack.  I don’t think they ever went as far as following me around, maybe they checked up where I was via a drive by or a call to a neighboring parent. Other than that, there was not much more they could do, except good old fashioned trust. And probably a whole lot of praying. You see when I was growing up there was this thing attached to the kitchen wall, called a telephone-It had this long cord attached to the handle and if you wanted privacy you stretched that thing as far as it would go and if you were lucky enough you could stretch it far enough to another room and shut the door or hide in a closet. And there were no worries of eavesdropping on your conversation because you most definitely could hear that little click when someone picked up the from another line in the house.

Today’s technology allows our children to live in a world with instant access to everything. Constant communication with their friends, girlfriends/boyfriends. They know where the parties are, who is at the party and who is not. Twitter, Instagram, snap chat and so on. I can barely keep up with all the apps available.  In fact I know I can’t and the kids are forever finding ways to communicate on the ones their parents are not aware of yet. It is safe to say Facebook use by most teens is used very little as I have been told by my own children, Facebook was overtaken by old people. I guess that means me.

Now let me tell there are a multiple amount of concerns we have as parents regarding cell phones. The list is a mile long. But this is an article focusing on not what our children do, but what we do as parents when it comes to snooping in on our kids social media, private messages, and texting. 

One of the most debated discussions I have seen among my parent friends are the snoopers vs the non snoopers. I have friends on both sides of the spectrum. I know of certain parents who could probably get a job with the FBI for their snooping skills. They are experts in finding ways to access text messages and private messages on various app accounts. They spend a lot of time invested in what text messages are being sent out and received. What is the latest posting on their child’s social media. And its not just their own kid, its their children’s friends as well. Sort of like stalking but in the well meaning good sense. I personally fall into the non snooper category. Not that I sometimes try to take a glance over their shoulder or on occasion walk by an unguarded phone and press the front button to see If I can get a glance of a recent text message. But unguarded phones happen as often as being struck by lightening..twice.

Now, if you are the snooper that says I tell my kids I will look at their phone whenever I want at a moments notice. Well, it may keep them on their toes, but believe me they are deleting everything in a nano second that they don’t want you to see. Nope, if you are truly a snooper you have to do it in a way your children know nothing about it. As a non snooper, I guess I feel like I will give my kids that privacy of sorts. I will intervene and snoop only if I feel the need to do so. If my mother’s instinct tells me something is not right, there is a problem that I feel may child may not be handling, or there is a suspected issue with abuse, or drugs or under age drinking. I personally do not want to know my child’s every conversation they are having. I hope they will share with me enough and trust me enough to talk about things they feel they want or need to. And if not I will most likely than revert back to my original response and trust my instinct to know if I need to dig a little deeper into something that may be going on. Yes, I may than become a snooper.  

As for the snoopers, I have much respect as well. Parenting is a tough job and we all just doing our best trying to raise happy, healthy adults. The last time I checked there was no manual. To all my snooper mom’s and dad’s, I am up front in saying if you feel it’s important enough I need to know something you saw, please let me know. I will indeed be looking out for your child as well. 

So, tell us what you think? Are you a snooper or a non snooper? Do you agree with reading and monitoring all your child’s messages and watching their social media? Or do you believe your child as some rights of privacy?